A simple checklist can be used to undertake a high-level assessment of first and last mile connections to public transport.

The below table provides a sample checklist with interventions listed in order of impact from a ‘rule of thumb’ perspective. It should be noted though that the most useful interventions depend on the local street and land use context.

a list of factors to consider of first and last mile connections to public transport

Download the complete checklist [PDF, 54 KB]

A checklist like this could be used in a variety of contexts to:

  • undertake an access audit of an existing stop or station or
  • proactively assess the appropriateness of new public transport stops in relation to the local neighbourhood
  • to assess the quality of access improvements once implemented.

Some deficiencies identified may be addressed relatively simply through programming into routine maintenance or capital improvements programmes.

More information about design for walking, cycling and micromobility, including advice on different methods and tools than can be used for more detailed access assessments are provided in the Pedestrian Network Guidance and Cycling Network Guidance: