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Guidance for the planning, design and integration of bus stops including the physical stop and associated infrastructure.

You can also download a printable copy of the guidance:
Public transport design guidance: bus stop [PDF, 8.3 MB]


Scope of the guidance, relevant legislation, safety, related guidelines and sustainable outcomes.

Bus stop location planning

Critical factors to consider when planning bus stop locations. Includes bus stop classifications; fundamentals such as land use, stop spacing, capacity, personal safety and security; walking access; stops near intersections; site specific considerations like topographical barriers, specific locational factors; and school bus stops.

Bus stop capacity

Bus stop capacity requirements can be determined by the number of buses using a stop, dwell times and the presence of signals nearby.

Bus stop design

Design principles and parameters, bus stop components, layouts and integration with cycling.

Implementing bus stops

Consenting, consultation, traffic and parking controls.

Operations and maintenance

Operational requirements, maintenance requirements, temporary bus stops.


References used in the Public transport design guidance for bus stop topic.