Why carpool?

Carpooling is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than driving alone. You can cut your fuel and parking costs and at the same time reduce congestion and harmful emissions. 

Finding a carpool

It may be that your workplace offers carpooling as part of its workplace travel plan. If not, you could:

  • join an existing carpool you know of
  • set up a carpool with your friends and neighbours
  • use one of the various carpool schemes operate around the country.

Looking for more options?

Try searching the web using ‘carpooling’, ‘ride sharing’ and ‘lift sharing’ as key words.

Setting up a carpool

The main challenge in setting up a carpool is finding other carpoolers – people who live in the same area, who have a similar destination.

A sensible first step is to check whether there’s already a scheme operating or being set up in your area. You can then team up with the existing scheme to increase your opportunity to find other carpoolers.

Setting up and running a carpool guide [PDF, 4.1 MB]

Carpooling resources

We’ve produced a range of resources to help you promote your carpooling scheme.

They include:

  • carpooling guidelines
  • a brochure for employers
  • a brochure for employees
  • parking permits for carpool cars using reserved carpool parks
  • parking signage for reserved carpool parks
  • a stencil for marking parking spaces
  • promotional resources
  • radio advertisements – these advertisements allow a few seconds at the end for you to record your own council's name, website or phone number.

Carpooling resources

How to use the resources

  • You can tailor these resources with your own logo and contact details.
  • They come either with or without trim lines; choose whichever suits your printer.
  • Some of these resources are large files and may take a while to download.