Meetings are important in business, but with new communications technology meetings don’t always need to be face to face. Using technology can reduce the need for business travel, which can save money and time.

Why use telephone, video and web conferencing?

Installing or hiring telephone, video and web conferencing facilities can reduce the need for time-consuming and expensive travel.

These technologies contribute to:

  • increased productivity – less travel time means less downtime
  • more time-efficient meetings and accelerated decision-making processes may be possible when travel is not required
  • increased scope for distance learning and training – staff don’t need to leave the workplace and travel to participate.

How you can encourage your staff to use these alternatives

Encourage staff to use web, phone or video conferencing by providing:

  • bookable conference phones with good loudspeakers in all meeting rooms
  • a system that makes it easy for staff to set up conference calls
  • access to a web conferencing service to allow staff to share and edit documents or make online presentations (an internet search will help you find providers)
  • easy-to-use video conferencing equipment in meeting rooms
  • support for new users
  • webcam facilities available on computers for one-to-one conference calls.

Where can I hire telephone, video and web conferencing facilities?

Check the Yellow Pages(external link) for facilities that can be hired by the hour in major towns and cities.