Appealing materials, greenery such as trees and landscaping, street lighting, and art are some of the ways places can be made attractive to pedestrians.  Sound, smell and vision combine to make for a place where people want to spend time as well as encouraging walking trips through the area. Attractive walking routes also help to extend the catchment of a public transport stop or station, as people are willing to walk further when the walking environment is pleasant.

Public transport design guidance: Getting to and from public transport

Fun, engaging routes and spaces that include storytelling, are informative, include art or cultural perspectives help to encourage people to pass through or spend time. 

Maintenance is very important to ensure a place retains its attractiveness. This could involve repairing surfaces, watering plants, and adequate cleaning.

Hanging Chinese lanterns line the pedestrian walkway and tram railway in Christchurch

Attractive and vibrant place, Oxford Terrace shared space street, Christchurch (Jeanette Ward)

Street decorated with hanging strings of lights at dusk

Attractive and vibrant place in the evening, Britomart, Auckland (Jeanette Ward)