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Trucks and tow trucks

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You have or are thinking of setting up a business specialising in goods transport or vehicle recovery. This section has some advice on managing your business according to New Zealand's road transport rules - from getting a transport service licence to ensuring legal compliance and encouraging your drivers to deliver a safe, efficient service. If you're a driver, you'll find Driving a truck or tow truck particularly useful.

We also cover some useful information if you're a customer intending to use these services.


Getting started
Our guide to becoming a truck operator or operating a trucking business in New Zealand.

Types of truck

The different types of truck, including a description of goods and towing (vehicle recovery) services.

Running a vehicle recovery business

Make sure your vehicle recovery business operates to its best, with this useful information on establishing and managing a safe, legally compliant and well-maintained business.

Using a truck or tow-truck service

Information on how truck and tow-truck services work, your rights to good service, and how to make a complaint.

Running a truck business

Things to consider in establishing and managing a truck business, from getting a licence to choosing your vehicles and developing a safe driving policy.

Driving a truck or tow truck

We cover the main roles and responsibilities of truck and tow-truck drivers, from legal compliance to pre-use vehicle checks and identifying and preventing fatigue.