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Our related websites

Updated: 9 June 2015

The NZ Transport Agency is involved in a number of projects and campaigns that have their own websites.

We also work closely with other organisations in the transport sector.

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  • Bike Wise - Bike Wise is a nationally coordinated event that promotes safety and biking.
  • Driver Check - Enables registered users to check driver licence details.
    (See our information pages for more about Driver Check.)
  • Education portal - Provides safe school travel resources for teachers.
  • Feet First - Feet First encourages primary school students to walk to school.
  • Fuelsaver - How much do you spend on fuel? How much can you save?
  • Infoconnect - an initiative to help ensure road users have access to timely and accurate road condition information.
  • Transport Investment Online (previously LTP online) - a web-based system used by organisations to create, submit, and manage their land transport programmes (LTPs).
  • Motochek - Enables registered users to access the motor vehicle register.
  • Practice - A safer road to freedom for learner drivers.
  • Rightcar - Every car makes a difference. How does your vehicle rate for fuel economy, safety, CO2 emissions and pollutants?
  • Road Safety Trust - Funds road safety projects in communities.
  • Safe teen driver - The site provides parents with tools to stay actively involved in their teen’s driving throughout the Learner and Restricted phases.
  • Smartmovez - land transport information website for local authorities.
  • Tollroad online - website for the Northern Gateway toll road. Pay online, manage your account, and find out more about how the system works.
  • Transaction centre - complete vehicle, licence and other transactions online.
  • Vehicle inspection portal - contains vehicle inspection requirements manuals (VIRMs) and other resources related to vehicle inspection and certification.
  • Vehicle safety recalls - provides information about current New Zealand vehicle safety recalls.

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