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Long Term Strategic View

New Zealand is on the cusp of a transport revolution. Technology is rapidly changing the way people connect and the transport choices we have. We need to respond to future challenges and opportunities, such as changes in our climate and demographics.

Version 1.0 of the Long Term Strategic View (the View) sets out the Transport Agency’s perspective on future demands, pressures and opportunities facing the transport system. It identifies material impacts, and sets out how we can work with our partners to respond over the near and longer term.

Version 1.0 of the View was created from discussions with the transport sector, and data and information that helps identify issues, opportunities and potential solutions in each part of our transport system. In the first half of 2017, we sought feedback from the wider transport sector on Version 1.0. Some of the key themes that emerged were:

  • The Long Term Strategic View provides useful context for transport investment, but needs further collaboration with the sector if it is to become a ‘shared view’
  • Some of the data in the View is out of date, including the population growth forecasts
  • Assumptions made around population, employment and transport movements are not always clear and should be made explicit
  • The current View feels ‘road-centric’ - more effort needs to be made to provide a system view incorporating rail, public transport, walking and cycling
  • Further work is required to align the View with the key themes emerging from local growth planning, business case and  Regional Land Transport Plan development processes
  • Care must be taken with the Immediate Priority and Future Opportunities maps to recognise that future investments are not set in stone, particularly in the second and third decades.

Download the Long Term Strategic View document - Version 1 (24 April 2017) [PDF, 11 MB]

2018 updates

Version 1.1

Based on our work with stakeholders, an updated Version 1.1 of the View will be released in the near future. This version incorporates sector feedback and updated data, and reflects the Government’s new investment priorities for land transport.

Version 2

Our intention is to develop a Version 2.0 of the View that will provide a more significant progression towards a shared ten year view of how the transport system can help New Zealand respond to key challenges and opportunities. This update of the View will be co-created with interested partners during 2018, following the release of the Government Policy Statement on land transport (GPS).

If you would like to contribute to Version 2 of the View, or would like more information, email