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Category: Materials

Adhesion Agents

Published: 1989
  • Also known as: M13
  • Reference: TNZ M/13
  • Author: Transit NZ

This specification and accompanying notes describe the procedure by which the Contractor shall obtain approval for the nominated adhesion agent and dosage rate with each source of sealing chips that is intended for use on sealing work, except where emulsified asphalt binder (emulsified bituminous binder) is to be used.


Category: Materials

Kerosene Content Estimation

Published: 2003
  • Also known as: T/9; T9
  • Reference: TNZ T/09
  • Author: Transit NZ

This method is a procedure for calculating the lighting kerosene content of cutback bitumen. This method applies to cutback bitumens manufactured from bitumen, Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) and kerosene complying with the M/1 Roading Bitumens specification, including up to 1.5 pph of adhesion agent. Materials containing rheology modifiers, such as polymer...


Category: Materials

Pre-Coating Sealing Chips

Published: Jun 1975
  • Also known as: M11
  • Reference: TNZ M/11
  • Author: Transit NZ

Specification for Pre-Coating Sealing Chips. The sealing chips shall comply with the requirements defined in the current edition of the M/6 Specification For Sealing Chips, and for supply only contracts, shall be of the size designated in the Specific Contract Requirements of this specification.


Category: Materials

Rubber Latex in Reseal Binders

Published: 1985
  • Also known as: P/5; P5
  • Reference: TNZ P/05P
  • Author: Transit NZ

This specification and guidance notes are to be appended to P/4 Resealing and shall apply where natural rubber latex is to be added to the bituminous binder for resealing purposes. The requirements of this specification extend and modify P/4 and shall take precedence over the requirements of P/4 where there is conflict.


Category: Materials

Sealing chip

Published: 2011
  • Also known as: M/6; M6
  • Reference: TNZ M/06
  • Author: Transit NZ

This specification sets out the material requirements for five size grades of sealing chip for use on state highways and other heavily trafficked roadways.


Category: Materials

Size Shape and Grading of Grades 1-4 Sealing Chips

Published: 1987
  • Also known as: T/5; T5
  • Reference: TNZ T/05
  • Author: Transit NZ

This test method covers the procedure for sampling and for determination of percentage fines, average least dimension (ALD), average greatest dimension (AGD), distribution of least dimensions, and incidence of broken faces in grades 1 - 4 stone sealing chips.