About driver licences

Stage 2 - restricted licence

Who can apply for a restricted licence?

You can apply for your restricted licence once you have mastered the riding skills needed. You must:

  • be at least 16 ½ years of age and
  • have held your learner licence for at least six months.

How do I apply for a restricted licence?

To get your restricted licence you need to pass the restricted licence practical test.

To book your restricted licence practical test you must either:


  • book your restricted licence practical test over the phone or internet.

    If you choose this option, you must arrive at the test location 30 minutes before your test, or visit a driver licensing agent prior to your test, to complete the requirements listed above.

For more information about what the restricted licence practical test involves, see The restricted practical riding test.

What are the conditions of a restricted licence?

  • You must always have your restricted licence with you when you're riding.
  • You must not ride between 10pm and 5am.
  • You must ride a LAMS-approved motorcycle (for a list of approved motorcycles see our website at www.nzta.govt.nz/lams). If you have been riding a LAMS-prohibited motorcycle prior to 1 October 2012 and wish to continue to do so, you may be eligible for an exemption. See the DL4 exemption form for further information. This is available online at www.nzta.govt.nz/motorcyle/exemption-dl4 or by phoning NZTA on 0800 822 422 or by emailing info@nzta.govt.nz.
  • You must not carry a passenger.
  • You must not tow another vehicle.
  • There is a zero alcohol limit if you are under 20. That means if you ride after consuming even one drink you can be charged with drink driving. If you have an alcohol level of less than 150 micrograms per litre of breath and less than 30 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood you could be fined and given 50 demerit points. If your alcohol level is higher, you could be disqualified from driving, given 50 demerit points and either fined or imprisoned.
    If you're 20 or older, the legal alcohol limit is 400 micrograms per litre of breath or 80 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood
  • Breaching the restricted conditions of your driver licence could result in you receiving 35 demerit points and a fine of $100. If you breach any other conditions of your driver licence you could receive 25 demerit points and be subject to a fine of $400. See Stepping over the line for more information on demerit points.

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Last updated: 21 March 2013