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What is the Motor Vehicle Register?

The Motor Vehicle Register records information about vehicles used on New Zealand roads and the persons responsible for their use. The primary purposes of the Motor Vehicle Register are:

  • enforcement of the law
  • maintenance of the security of New Zealand
  • collection of charges imposed or authorised by an Act
  • administration and development of transport law and policy.

The person registered in respect of a motor vehicle is the person who is lawfully entitled to possess the vehicle. The registered person is the person who is accountable for the vehicle under transport law and for the payment of any fees or fines associated with the vehicle. This is not the same as having legal title and is why a vehicle can be repossessed even though you might be the registered person.

What information is held on the Motor Vehicle Register?

Information held on the Motor Vehicle Register consists of:

  • personal information about persons registered (past and present) in respect of motor vehicles and
  • vehicle information concerning registered motor vehicles.

Personal information includes the names, addresses and dates of birth of persons registered (or previously registered) in respect of motor vehicles.

Vehicle information includes details such as make, model, colour, weight, usage category (e.g. private passenger, goods, taxi, ambulance, rental, hearse) cc rating, fuel type, wheelbase, odometer reading, country of origin, whether imported second hand or new, vehicle inspection history, whether subject to Warrant of Fitness or Certificate of Fitness, tare weight, axle rating and number of axles in the case of trucks and the number of registered persons.

It also includes "reported stolen" information where a vehicle has been reported to the Police as having been stolen.


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