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High productivity motor vehicles (HPMVs)

If you want to carry divisible loads, such as logs, milk powder or freight, more productively, you may be able to operate on a high productivity motor vehicle (HPMV) permit. In this section you can find all the relevant information about HPMV, from how to apply for a permit, commonly asked questions to maps that show which routes have been approved so far.

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How to apply for an HPMV permit

Find out how to apply for an HMPV permit.

HPMV maps

Our maps show where the NZ Transport Agency will invest and strengthen routes for HPMVs, and where operators can and cannot travel.

Pro-forma designs

The NZTA has approved a number of pro-forma designs for high productivity motor vehicle (HPMV) permits. Using one of these pro-forma designs in your application will make the approval process simpler.

Axle weight flexibility

In response to transport industry demand, the NZTA offers axle weight flexibility (AWF) options for HPMV permits. These options may be an appropriate for loads that are difficult to distribute uniformly and precisely across all axles.

Questions and answers

Answers to some commonly asked questions about high productivity motor vehicles.

About HPMV permits

The Vehicle Dimension and Mass Amendment Rule and other background information about HPMV permits.

Draft HPMV manual

This draft manual provides a statement of current policy, standards, processes and procedures for the permitting of HPMVs.

Monitoring, evaluation and review

Report from the September 2011 review of the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Amendment Rule which created the new category of HPMV vehicles. This report is accompanied by case studies, maps of proposed route investments, and 'questions and answers'.

Funding high productivity motor vehicle routes

For the 2009/12 period, the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) will provide grants to study the impacts of HPMVs on prospective routes and for works needed to prevent or repair damage to roads.

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