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Christchurch Northern Corridor

The Northern Corridor provides access to Lyttelton Port and the Christchurch CBD for people and freight from north of Christchurch. The corridor includes the Northern Arterial that bypasses the suburbs of Belfast and Redwood to connect with QEII Drive, and a section of QEII Drive from Main North Road to Innes Road.

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Northern arterial looking south.

Northern arterial looking south


Project purpose

The proposed Northern Arterial and QEII Drive four-laning, between Main North Road and Innes Road, will improve safety and reduce congestion for traffic coming to and from the north of Canterbury.

Find out more on the project website.


The Northern Arterial will improve access to Lyttelton Port, to industrial hubs on the eastern side of Christchurch, the CBD and enable further development of the Belfast area. Traffic congestion will be reduced and travelling times improved for through traffic and local trips.

Find out more on the project website.


The proposed Northern Arterial is a new 4-lane, median separated state highway that will connect with the existing Christchurch Northern Motorway, south of the Waimakariri River bridges, and pass to the east of Belfast and Redwood connecting with QEII Drive near Winters Road. As part of this project QEII Drive will be widened from two to four lanes between Main North Road and Innes Road

Find out more on the project website.

Northern Corridor map

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