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Research Report 659 Urban transport modelling in New Zealand – data, practice and resourcing

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Household Travel Survey data is an essential component of building a transportation model. The New Zealand Ministry of Transport (MOT) has recently embarked on a rolling programme of annual surveys. This research project confirmed that, with some changes, the data collected in the surveys was adequate to build existing model forms currently being used and would be suitable if tour-based or activity-based transportation models were to be built in the future, noting that sample sizes in the MOT survey would need augmenting for this purpose. 

As part of the project a stocktake of current models was undertaken, as was a short survey of the public sector transport modelling resource in New Zealand. The study concludes with suggestions for topics of future research.

Keywords: household interview, transport models, travel behaviour

Erratum - 8 October 2019
Table 2.6 page 17 and tables 2.8 and 2.9 page 18 corrected.  Text revised in first and second paragraphs under table 2.9.

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