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Traffic notes

Traffic notes provide traffic safety information and guidance which may apply to all types of roads. They are intended for people/organisations that control, design, build or manage roads in New Zealand.
No Issued or
Title Category
1 Jan 2011 Pedestrian crossings [PDF, 39 KB] Requirements
2 Dec 2004 Platforms as crossing points [PDF, 25 KB] Guidelines
3 Withdrawn
Jan 2011
1998 Amendment to Traffic Regulations 1976 Requirements
4 Dec 2004 Land Transport New Zealand roading-related publications [PDF, 20 KB] Information
5 Withdrawn
May 2010
Road safety surveys
See Road safety survey series
6 Dec 2004 Agreement of lane-use signs and road markings [PDF, 13 KB] Requirements
7 Sep 2006 Guide to heavy vehicle management (RTS16) published [PDF, 28 KB] Information
8 Withdrawn
Jan 2011
'Ice/grit' supplementary sign Guidelines
9 Withdrawn
May 2010
Railway level crossing signs and markings
Replaced by Traffic control devices manual, part 9 Level crossings
10 Jan 2011 Trials of traffic control devices [PDF, 63 KB] Guidelines
11 Dec 2004 No-passing lines against flush medians [PDF, 23 KB] Guidelines
12 Dec 2004 Approval of reflective material for traffic signs [PDF, 26 KB]
13 Withdrawn
May 2010
1998 Road Safety Survey Reports
See Road safety survey series
14 Sep 2010 Approved trials of traffic control devices [PDF, 22 KB]
15 Jul 2004 Use of temporary speed limits for temporary hazards and special events [PDF, 32 KB] Guidelines
16 Withdrawn
May 2010
1999 Road safety surveys
See Road safety survey series
17 Oct 1999 Traffic control devices on private roads [PDF, 17 KB] Information
18 Oct 1999 Traffic information signs: Black on white background [PDF, 12 KB] Information
19 Apr 2005 Engine braking controls [PDF, 30 KB] Guidelines
20 Apr 2005 Truck crashes and advisory speeds [PDF, 24 KB] Information
21 May 2000 Signs and markings for passing lanes [PDF, 38 KB] Information
22 May 2000 New NZ/Australian road lighting standard [PDF, 16 KB] Information
23 May 2000 Speed indicator devices [PDF, 27 KB] Guideline
24 Withdrawn Feb 2010 Railway Level Crossing Guideline published
This document was superseded in December 2008 by Traffic control devices manual, part 9, Level crossings
25 Dec 2004 Retroreflective raised pavement markers [PDF, 17 KB] Information
26 Jan 2001 Fluorescent retro-reflective traffic sign material [PDF, 11 KB] Information
27 Withdrawn
May 2010
2000 Road Safety Survey Reports
See Road safety survey series
28 Dec 2004 Pedestrian crossings and school crossing points on roads with speed limits of 60km/h or more [PDF, 13 KB] Requirements
29 Dec 2004 School crossing points ('kea crossings' [PDF, 153 KB] Information
30 Jan 2011 Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 [PDF, 50 KB] Information
31 Sep 2005 Exemptions to requirements for passenger service and dangerous goods vehicles at rail level crossings [PDF, 35 KB]
32 Aug 2001 Use of fluorescent material on traffic signs [PDF, 24 KB] Guidelines
33 Withdrawn Feb 2010 2001 Road Safety Survey reports [PDF, 12 KB] Information
34 Feb 2002 Signing of steep grades [PDF, 13 KB] Guidelines
35 Dec 2004 Guidelines for urban-rural thresholds [PDF, 24 KB] Information
36 Jan 2011 Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004 [PDF, 75 KB] Information

May 2011

40km/h variable speed limits in school zones Guidelines
38 Sep 2005 Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2003 [PDF, 43 KB] Requirements
39 Sep 2003 Overdimension permit notifications to road controlling authorities [PDF, 75 KB] Information
40 Dec 2003 Revision of Guidelines for facilities for blind and vision-impaired pedestrians [PDF, 102 KB] Information
41 Jun 2004 Level crossings on out of service railway lines [PDF, 21 KB] Guidelines
42 Sep 2006 Work sites at or near level crossings [PDF, 34 KB] Guidelines
43 Jun 2004 Speed limits less than 50 km/h [PDF, 23 KB] Guidelines
44 Dec 2004 Safe siting of school bus stops [PDF, 21 KB] Information
45 Dec 2004 Temporary masking of traffic signs [PDF, 21 KB] Information
46 Dec 2004 Voluntary traffic surveys [PDF, 30 KB] Guidelines
47 Dec 2004 Class C road classification [PDF, 11 KB] Information
48 Dec 2004 Light vehicle sizes and dimensions: street survey results and parking space requirements [PDF, 27 KB] Information
49 Dec 2004 Limit line and Give Way markings [PDF, 34 KB] Guidelines
50 Jan 2011 Marking and signing of roundabouts [PDF, 68 KB] Information
51 Jan 2011 Parking signs and marking [PDF, 53 KB] Information
52 Jan 2005 School traffic safety team manual [PDF, 21 KB] Information
53 Jan 2005 Revision of guidelines for road safety audit and the treatment of crash locations [PDF, 14 KB] Information
54 Apr 2005 Linear delineation panels [PDF, 24 KB] Guidelines
55 Sep 2006 Review and replacement of the Manual of Traffic Signs and Markings [PDF, 31 KB] Information
56 Jan 2011 Active school warning signs [PDF, 161 KB]
57 Sep 2008 Active warning signs (not at schools) [PDF, 132 KB]
58 Feb 2010 Traffic signs approved by the Agency (March 2008 to February 2010) [PDF, 279 KB]

Gazette notices:
59 Jan 2011 On-roadway flashing light pedestrian crossing warning [PDF, 122 KB] Information
60 Jan 2011 Roundabout metering signals [PDF, 99 KB] Information
61 Oct 2011 Safe System approach rural speed management – information [PDF, 165 KB] Information
62 May 2022 Intersection Speed Zones – guidelines and requirements [PDF, 758 KB] Guidelines