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About the NZ Transport Agency

Our value

A great journey is easy, safe and connected. The Transport Agency is focused on providing one integrated land transport system that helps people get the most out of life and supports business.

We look after the national transport system with our partners, today and for the future. We’re innovating to make sure the system is efficient and sustainable, unlocking opportunity and keeping New Zealand moving.

We’re working to deliver our customer promise – great journeys to keep New Zealand moving.

Our strategic responses

Our strategic responses – a system response, a people-centric response and a community response – describe the direction we’ll take to deliver value to New Zealand. These are the three big changes we need to make longer term to deliver what is expected of us and ensure customers and citizens’ benefit from the changes happening in transport.

One connected transport system

We will transform the performance of the land transport system by integrating digital technology with physical infrastructure to create a safe, connected system that works for everyone.

People-centric approach

We will simplify our customers’ lives and our partners’ work with innovative services and experiences that make it easy for them to do what they need to do.

Partnerships for prosperity 

We will unlock social and economic opportunities for customers, businesses and communities through targeted partnerships.

Our position statements

We have eight position statements - together, these deliver the big changes we’re looking for through our strategic responses. Our focus areas position statements are:


Environment iconTransport safety

Our position is that it is unacceptable for anyone to be killed or seriously injured while travelling or working on the land transport system.


Inclusive access iconInclusive access

Our position is that everyone should have fair and equitable access to the transport system.


Liveable communities iconLiveable communities

Our position is that we will partner to efficiently combine planning and investment for transport and land use and this will result in more vibrant, interactive communities.


Transport technology iconTransport technology

Our position is that we will use transport technology and data to transition to safer, sustainable and connected journeys for customers.


Resilience iconResilience

Our position is the resilience of the land transport system is increased by managing risks and long-term resilience challenges and helping communities quickly recover from disruptions.


Environment iconEnvironment

Our position is that we will responsibly manage the land transport system’s interaction with people, places and the environment.


Regulatory iconRegulatory

Our position is the transport regulator is that our systems should be intuitive and clear to ensure people can make good transport choices, while harmful behaviour is swiftly dealt with.


Transport agency iconTransport agency

Our position is that the Transport Agency is respected by partners, stakeholders and customers for its responsive and engaged people and its timely delivery of sustainable transport solutions.


It's an exciting time for the Transport Agency as we work to improve our customers' lives and livelihoods.