50MAX – information for operators and manufacturers

50MAX gives freight operators an option to carry increased payloads on parts of the network that, while economically important to New Zealand, are unable to carry high productivity motor vehicles (HPMVs).

The resulting gains in economic efficiency must be achieved with due consideration for the safety of road users. It's therefore important that operators respect their permits and take on a level of self-monitoring and compliance which will ensure the confidence of the travelling public in the road transport industry.

Waka Kotahi is aware that a number of operators are investing in speed limiting, GPS monitoring, load cells, electronic stability control, ERUC and other safety measures. Waka Kotahi recommends that all road transport operators consider the use of such available technology where it is applicable.

Operators must ensure they (and the driver of the vehicle) are using and comply with the current version of the 50MAX book of maps or online map.

Here you'll find everything you need to know about 50MAX – what your vehicle will need to look like, who can help certify your vehicle, what you need to apply and where you can travel.

Please ensure you attach a completed 50MAX ready proforma for each combination to your application.

View a list of approved heavy vehicle specialist certifiers [PDF, 132 KB]