New lighting conditions for overlength permits

New lighting conditions apply to all new overlength permits, including updates.

Existing overlengths will still be valid. However, if a new trailer is to be added, a new permit with the new conditions will be created.

The new conditions are:

  1. LED lights must be fitted at the rear of the combination.
  2. Repeater side indicator lights are to be placed midway along the side of the trailers.
  3. LED side marker lamps are to be spaced not more than three metres apart along the side of the vehicle as close as possible to the load bed or, for a log truck and trailer, on each bolster. Alternatively, fit retro-reflective tape displaying the DOT-C2 mark (minimum width) to outline the shape of the vehicle from the sides and rear.

The illustration below is an example of the new vehicle design declaration:

View/download larger image [JPG, 350 KB]

Permitting process improved

Attribute sheets are no longer required for HPMV permitting.

These sheets, which contain heavy vehicle load ratings and vehicle capability information, were introduced in early 2010, when our system data had gaps in vehicle ratings.

That data is now captured accurately through the certification process.