Alternative ID for replacement driver licence only

If you’ve tried to get approved ID but can’t get any, you may still be able to apply for a replacement driver licence.

Alternative forms of primary ID

If you have one of these forms of ID, you may be able to use it in place of legislated primary ID.

The document must be original. We can’t accept a scan or photocopy, even if it’s certified.

The names on the document must match all the names on your driver licence record.

If the document isn’t in English, you’ll also need to get a translation.

Expired passport

You may be able to use a New Zealand or overseas passport that’s been expired up to 5 years.

The passport must have your:

  • full name,
  • date of birth, and
  • place of birth.

If must be issued by the official passport authority in that country.

Overseas emergency travel document

You may be able to use an overseas emergency travel document if the document is still current (not expired).

The emergency travel document must have your:

  • full name,
  • date of birth, and
  • place of birth.

It must have a stamp or indication from the New Zealand Government to show it was accepted for entry into New Zealand.

It must be issued by the relevant government authority in that country.

Overseas birth certificate

You may be able to use an overseas birth certificate if it’s the equivalent of a full New Zealand birth certificate. This means it must have your:

  • full name,
  • date of birth,
  • place of birth, and
  • parent’s details.

You must also have a document from Immigration New Zealand that includes your full name and date of birth. This could be something like your visa or work permit, or confirmation of your date of entry into New Zealand issued by Immigration NZ.

You must have legislated supporting ID

You MUST have a legislated form of supporting ID to present to the agent with your alternative primary ID.

Document type
Kiwi Access card or 18+ card
Community services card
SuperGold card
Veteran SuperGold card
New Zealand student photo ID card 1 3
New Zealand employee photo ID card
New Zealand electoral roll record 3
Inland Revenue number 3
New Zealand-issued utility bill or bank statement2 3
Overseas driver licence
Steps to freedom form

All documents in this table must be current, except for a utility bill or bank statement (see below)

1 To be acceptable for driver licensing purposes, your student ID should have your:

  • surname
  • first name or initials
  • date of birth, and
  • photo.

It must have your educational institution’s logo or banner on it, or be on the institution’s letterhead.

If it doesn’t meet all of these requirements, you won’t be able to use it as identification for a driver licence.

2 This must show your first name (or initials) and last name, and the issuer (utility company or bank). It doesn’t need to show any transaction details.

It must have been issued within the last six months.

3 You can show these documents to the agent in electronic format on your phone or mobile device.

Photo ID still required

If neither ID document has a photo, you must also provide a refereed image.

Your referee must:

  • have a valid New Zealand passport or New Zealand driver licence, and
  • have known you for one year or more, and
  • be at least 16 years of age, and
  • not be related to you or part of your extended family group, and
  • not be your spouse or partner, and
  • not live at the same address as you.

Your referee must provide their:

  • passport or driver licence number
  • name
  • date of birth
  • contact details, including a daytime telephone number.

Your referee must write your full name on the back of the photo and sign and date it. The image must be a good likeness and of equal standard to the one required for a driver licence or passport application.

Note: a business that takes passport photos may supply a photo with a pre-printed label on the back.

Identity referee declaration form (DL26) [PDF, 80 KB]

No details will be changed

You won’t be able to change any details on your driver licence record, and you won’t be able to get a new photo or signature taken.

The only thing you’ll be able to change is your address, to make sure your new card gets sent to the right place.

How to apply

Take your alternative ID to a driver licensing agent. The agent will check your ID to make sure it meets all the requirements. If it meets all the requirements, you can apply for a replacement licence.

Find a driver licensing agent in your area