The Regional Land Transport Programme (RLTP) Development Module 2024/27 is now available on Transport Investment Online (TIO).

This module allows Regional Council staff to confirm the Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) ‘Objectives’ and ‘Strategic Priorities’ from the 21-24 RLTP are still current or alternatively update ‘Objectives’ and ‘Strategic Priorities’ in response to changes arising from their RLTP mid-term review.

Regional Council staff are encouraged to login and confirm (or update) their RLTP ‘Objectives’ and ‘Strategic Priorities’ before 21st August in TIO. This will ensure the correct ‘Objectives’ and ‘Strategic Priorities’ cascade into Improvement Activities template.

This deadline is to ensure Territorial Authorities can align their Improvement Activities with the latest RLTP ‘Objectives’ and ‘Strategic Priorities’ and remove the need for unnecessary double handling of information.

Regional Council staff will need to login using their Regional Transport Committee username and password to access the RLTP Development Module. Note this is different from the username used to access the RLTP Management Module.