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Commercial road transport toolkit for drivers and operators

This toolkit's 'infocards' contain important information for commercial road transport drivers and operators. The cards can be printed and used in the workplace. New infocards will be added as they are developed.

Logbook exemption - local driving

A driver of a goods vehicle does not have to maintain a logbook if both of the following conditions are present:

  • the vehicle being driven requires the driver to have a class 1 or class 2 licence, and
  • the vehicle is operated only within a 50 km radius of the vehicle operator's usual business location or base of operations.

Usual business location’ means the depot, office or other location where the vehicle is normally garaged when not being driven, or the location where drivers are normally assigned tasks or commence work.

Base of operations’ means a site office established for at least 24 hours to manage a contract of works, or a local depot to which drivers report daily for the assignment of tasks or to commence driving.

Driving multiple vehicles

A driver must maintain a logbook for the full cumulative work period and record times for all vehicles driven if:

  • more than one vehicle is driven during a cumulative work period, and
  • driving one or more of these vehicles requires a driver to complete a logbook.

This means the exemption ceases to have effect for the entire cumulative work period.

Cumulative work period’ means the period of work between rest breaks of at least 24 hours. The maximum number of hours that can be worked in a cumulative work period is 70.

Providing the evidence

A driver wanting to claim a logbook exemption must, if asked by an enforcement officer, be able to supply evidence of their entitlement to the exemption. This evidence could include:

  • the address of the usual business location or base of operations displayed on the vehicle, or
  • a letter or similar document from the owner of the vehicle that indicates the address of the usual business location or the base of operations of the vehicle.

The more information that can be provided to an enforcement officer when requested, the easier it will be to establish the legal entitlement of a driver to a logbook exemption.

An exemption from the requirement to maintain a logbook is not an exemption from work time requirements, eg you must still comply with requirements such as maximum periods of work.

This information is provided as a general guide only, and does not cover everything in the law. It is not the source of the law.

Page created: 3 November 2008