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Total Mobility around New Zealand: a regional guide

An overview to using the Total Mobility scheme and contact information for regions operating the scheme in New Zealand.



The Total Mobility scheme is available across Christchurch, Ashburton, Timaru and Waimate.

Transport operators

The following transport operators provide total mobility services and some provide wheelchair hoist services as indicated.

Please remember that you may need to pre-book a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Greater Christchurch

Approved transport operator Contact details Wheelchair accessibility
Blue Star Taxis 03 379 9799 Hoist available
Christchurch Mobility Transfers 03 323 4555 Hoist available
Driving Miss Daisy - Christchurch
(bookings required)
0800 948 432 Ramp available
First Direct 03 375 5555 Hoist available
Freedom Companion Driving Services NZ Ltd 03 352 1599 Hoist available
Gold Band Taxis 03 379 5795 Hoist available
NZ Total Care Mobility Ltd 03 351 1599 Hoist available

Ashburton, Timaru and Waimate

Approved transport operator Contact number Wheelchair accessibility
Ashburton Taxis 2006 Ltd 03 308 2288 Hoist available
Driving Miss Daisy - Timaru
(bookings required)
0800 948 432 Hoist available
Geraldine Community Bus Trust 03 693 1007  Hoist available
Timaru Taxis 03 688 8899 Hoist available
Waimate Community Vehicles Trust 03 689 6226 Hoist available


Level of subsidy per trip


Maximum contribution by Environment Canterbury

The maximum subsidy by the council per trip is $35.

Note: Environment Canterbury will pay half the fare up to a maximum of $70. Any additional fare must be paid in full by the user.


Environment Canterbury
PO Box 345

03 365 3828

0800 324 636 (freephone)