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Total Mobility around New Zealand: a regional guide

An overview to using the Total Mobility scheme and contact information for regions operating the scheme in New Zealand.

About the Total Mobility scheme

This guide provides an overview for Total Mobility scheme users and contact information for regions operating the scheme in New Zealand.

What is the Total Mobility scheme?

Funded in partnership by local and central government, the Total Mobility scheme assists eligible people, with long-term impairments to access appropriate transport to meet their daily needs and enhance their community participation. This assistance is provided in the form of subsidised door to door transport services wherever scheme transport providers operate.

It provides:

  • electronic cards or vouchers to eligible scheme members that subsidise the normal transport fare by 75% up to a maximum fare (set by the relevant regional council, or Auckland Transport)
  • funding to scheme providers to help purchase and install wheelchair hoists
  • payment to the owner of the wheelchair accessible vehicle for each Total Mobility scheme member who requires the use of a wheelchair hoist or ramp on a

 Who administers the scheme?

The scheme is managed and operated by regional councils.

How does the Total Mobility scheme work?

Scheme users are issued with an electronic card or a book of vouchers. You can obtain an electronic card or vouchers from the relevant regional council. Total mobility subsidies can be claimed anywhere in New Zealand where the scheme operates.

The subsidy per trip is 75% of the fare, up to a maximum subsidy. The maximum subsidy varies between regions; these costs are available under the regional information in this guide. If the total fare is more than the maximum subsidy you must meet the additional cost.

Read more about the scheme

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Total Mobility scheme policy guide for local authorities


While this guide provides information about the Total Mobility scheme, it does not guarantee travel. Factors outside of the control of Waka Kotahi may influence the availability of users to travel, such as individual regional council policies on subsidising out-of-town travel.

In addition, while the scheme has widespread support, individual transport operators may refuse to honour the card and/or vouchers. We recommend that you book your transport service by phone or check with the operator that they accept the card or vouchers before you start your journey.