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Total Mobility around New Zealand: a regional guide

An overview to using the Total Mobility scheme and contact information for regions operating the scheme in New Zealand.



The Total Mobility scheme operates in the urban centres of Hamilton, Taupō, Tokoroa and Wāipa.

Transport operators

The following transport operators provide Total Mobility services and some provide wheelchair hoist services as indicated.

Please remember that you may need to pre-book a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Approved transport operator Contact details Wheelchair accessibility
Driving Miss Daisy - East Hamilton
(bookings required)
07 856 8865 
or 021 503 384
Hoist available
Driving Miss Daisy - West Hamilton
(bookings required)
07 856 0112
or 021 503 565
Hoist available
Driving Miss Daisy - Taupō
(bookings required)
07 377 0090
or 021 503 211

Freedom Drivers - Hamilton

(bookings required)

07 855 5253 or

0800 956 956
Great Lake Taxis (Taupō) 07 377 8990 Hoist available
Hamilton Taxi Society 0800 477 477 Hoist available
Red Cabs (Hamilton) 07 839 3939  
Taupō Taxis

07 378 5100

Tokoroa Taxis Cab 07 886 6099  
Trikiso Buses Ltd (Hamilton)
(bookings required)

07 847 2203 or

0800 874 547
Hoist available
Yellow Cabs (Hamilton) 07 847 9469
or 0800 479 469


Level of subsidy per trip


Maximum contribution by the council per trip

The maximum contribution per trip is:

  • Hamilton – $15 per trip (up to a maximum fare of $30)
  • Taupo – $12.50 (up to a maximum fare of $25)
  • Tokoroa – $7.50 (up to a maximum fare of $15)
  • Waipā – $12.50 (up to a maximum fare of $25)

Note: Waikato Regional Council will pay half the fare up to a maximum specified above. Any additional fare must be paid in full by the user.

Restrictions to the Total Mobility scheme in the Waikato

Waikato Regional Council will not pay for waiting time.

As the electronic Total Mobility card is used in our region, it is essential that you advise the taxi driver or the taxi company when you book the service if you will be using a voucher issued in another region before you get into the cab.

We encourage you to advise the taxi company that you are a Total Mobility user when you book the service. It is essential that you hand the taxi driver your electronic Total Mobility card when you first get in the cab, before the trip can begin.”


Waikato Regional Council
PO Box 3038
Waikato Mail Centre
07 859 0999 or 0800 800 401