Approvals under Sections 176/178 for works in Waka Kotahi designations

Waka Kotahi has numerous designations of land across New Zealand for state highways, cycleways and shared paths.  A designation may be on land already used for transport infrastructure, or it may be on land proposed to be used in the future.

Where land is designated, the network utility operator responsible for the designation (known as a Requiring Authority), is authorised to undertake existing and future activities which are consistent with the designation purpose.  Any other party who wishes to undertake an activity in the designation requires written consent from the Requiring Authority if the activity would prevent or hinder the designated work.  The approvals that might be required are:

  • Written consent under section 176(1)(b) of the RMA to undertake an activity within designated land; or
  • Written consent under section 178 RMA to undertake an activity within land proposed to be designated. 

Is my property subject to an existing Waka Kotahi designation?

To see whether your property is subject to an existing Waka Kotahi designation, you should refer to the planning maps of your local District or City Council.

If you are still unsure about whether or not your land is subject to a Waka Kotahi designation, or if you wish to find out about a specific designation, please contact the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Environmental Planning team who will be able to advise.

If your property is subject to a Waka Kotahi designation, you should contact us to discuss whether a s176 or s178 RMA approval is required.

How do I apply for written consent under section 176/178 from Waka Kotahi?

To apply for written consent to your works under  section 176/178 of the RMA, contact the Environmental Planning Team  to discuss.

You should include a description of your property and of your proposal, and should include drawings such as site plans, building plans, landscaping and earthworks details.

We will work with you to review how your proposal may affect the existing or future Waka Kotahi work, and look at options to avoid or reduce effects on the state highway, cycleway or shared path.

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