Draft State Highway Activity Management Plan 2015–18

The draft State Highway Activity Management Plan (SHAMP) 2015–18 is the basis for the state highway bid for future maintenance, renewals, operations and improvements funding from the 2015–18 National Land Transport Fund. This draft SHAMP (which will supersede the State Highway Asset Management Plan) has been prepared for regional transport committees to form the state highway component of regional land transport plans (RLTP) 2015–18.

Read the State Highway Activity Management Plan 2015–18 [PDF, 7.6 MB]

The draft SHAMP 2015–18 is the NZ Transport Agency’s business case for the state highway programme, which will be part of the submission for 2015–18 NLTP funding. The SHAMP describes why and how we propose to operate, maintain and improve the state highways in a 10-year period.

The SHAMP has a national focus and takes into consideration state highways’ contribution to economic growth and safety, changes in traffic and land use, and changes in the environment that we operate within. It describes the trade-offs made between different priorities for investment, how management of the state highway network is integrated with adjacent networks, and how safety is managed.