The start and end of the school day are times of increased risk on the road. School traffic safety teams including school patrols, traffic wardens and bus wardens are helping school children stay safe on and around the road.

Improving safety for school students

School traffic safety teams play an important role in improving the safety of school students who cross the road near school or who travel to school by bus.

Trained by police, the teams are made up of responsible volunteer school students and supervising adults. 

A police school community officer, the local road controlling authority and the school's principal and board of trustees decide on the type of safety team needed for each situation. Factors considered include the volume of traffic, the types of intersections near the school, the number of students and their ages.

Legal authority

School patrols are legally able to use their signs to stop traffic. Patrols can only be established at marked pedestrian crossings.

Traffic wardens, on the other hand, don’t have signs, and cannot stop traffic. They can work at any identified crossing points, and are responsible for ensuring children don't run out onto the road.

Bus wardens supervise children travelling to or from school by bus.

Tips to help keep children safe on the bus

Want to establish a school patrol?

Read more about the role and responsibilities of school traffic safety teams and how to establish them in the School traffic safety team manual. Your local school community officer will be able to help your school with training and monitoring the patrols.

School traffic safety team manual(external link)