Why you need TORO

Avoid having a company vehicle impounded

The New Zealand Police can impound any vehicle being driven by someone who’s disqualified or suspended from driving, or doesn’t have a valid driver licence. That means they can stop your driver on the road and call for a tow truck to take the vehicle (and its load) away to a storage facility. The vehicle will stay at the storage facility for 28 days, and then you’ll have to pay the towing and storage fees before you can get it back.

Avoid having your vehicles impounded by keeping up to date with the driver licence status of your drivers. Only let your appropriately-licensed drivers drive your vehicles.

Protect the health and safety of your employees

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, you need to protect the health, safety and welfare of all of your employees. That includes making sure you only have appropriately licensed, trained and competent drivers driving your vehicles, to help keep them safe. It also helps you meet your obligation as a transport service licence holder to operate a safe service.

Keep your drivers on the road

If you operate a taxi or bus service, you can help keep your drivers’ passenger (P) endorsements up to date. You’ll find out before a P endorsement is due to expire, so there’ll be plenty of time to do the paperwork to renew it.

Save time and money

Check the driver licence statuses of your drivers quickly and easily. You won’t need to make toll calls or spend time waiting in a queue.

What TORO can do for you

TORO can show you:

  •  which driver licence classes and endorsements your driver holds
  • any conditions on their driver licence
  • the status of their driver licence (eg current, disqualified, suspended, revoked or expired)
  • a register (called an operator list) of your company’s drivers (you can add or remove drivers).

TORO can send you notifications when:

  • a driver licence status changes (eg current, disqualified, suspended, revoked or expired)
  • a condition is added or an existing condition changes
  • a passenger (P), vehicle recovery (V), driving instructor (I) or testing officer (O) endorsement is due to expire
  • we’ve issued a warning letter because the driver has 50 or more active demerit points
  • a driver is wanted for a demerit point suspension because they have 100 or more active demerit points.

Privacy Act 2020 requirements and driver consent

Your company must get signed consent (agreement) from your drivers before you can access their driver licence details in TORO. You must meet the requirements in the Privacy Act 2020 and other relevant laws when you collect, disclose and use personal information.

Applying to use TORO (the application pack) explains more about your privacy responsibilities and includes the consent form you should use to get your drivers’ consent.

Register for TORO

It’s free for transport service licence holders to register for and use TORO.

Register for TORO