Award winning health and safety app hitting the road


The NZ Transport Agency is extending the reach of its award-winning free mobile app promoting health and safety across all work places in New Zealand.

The Transport Agency’s Zero Harm app is designed to allow real-time reporting of health and safety incidents. The app has generated a huge amount of interest in the wider transport and construction industry, with more than 5,700 downloads since it was launched in January.

The Transport Agency’s Zero Harm Manager, Martin McMullan says it shows how big the demand is for an easy to use reporting tool.

“We’ve been delighted to see how well it’s been embraced by industry, and we’ve made it available free to Transport Agency contractors and industry partners who can adopt the system and tailor it to their own specifications at no extra cost.”

The Transport Agency’s Zero Harm team is now expanding its reach by developing an additional app for Civil Contractors New Zealand (CCNZ).

“We’ve adapted our existing Zero Harm App and worked with Civil Contractors New Zealand to develop another version of the app ( link)) specifically targeted to meet the requirements of small and medium businesses.

“We’ve made the app available at no cost so these small and medium size businesses can have access to a health and safety reporting tool which they wouldn’t otherwise have the resources to develop or pay for,” Mr McMullan says.

The safety app also gives organisations using it the ability to make limited changes to the interface to reflect their own businesses colours and logos.

The Transport Agency’s Zero Harm team is also embarking on a series of road shows for small to medium businesses throughout the country.

The road shows will discuss legislative changes, minimum operating standards and how to make the best use of new technology to make reporting of workplace incidents easier for everyone.

“We’ve been working very hard to deliver tangible benefits for health and safety in the workplace both within and outside the Transport Agency, and we’re committed to leading the industry towards zero harm so that all employees and contractors go home safe and healthy every day.”


Hamilton                              Tuesday 15 September
Tauranga                             Wednesday 16 September
Auckland                             Wednesday 16 September
Napier                                  Tuesday 29 September
Whangarei                          Thursday 8 October
Palmerston North            Tuesday 20 October
Wellington                          Wednesday 21 October
Blenheim                             Thursday 29 October
Christchurch                       Monday 9 November
Cromwell                             Tuesday 24 November
Dunedin                               Wednesday 25 November

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