Bay View next step in making Hawke’s Bay roads safer


Construction will soon start to make State Highway 2 safer between Bay View and the State Highway 5 intersection, as the NZ Transport Agency continues its work to prevent deaths and serious injuries on Hawke’s Bay roads.

From June, work will begin on widening sections of road shoulder, putting in a wide centreline and sections of safety barrier, as part of the project to make State Highway 2 between Wairoa and Bay View safer.

Regional Systems Manager Oliver Postings says the Wairoa to Bay View project is just one of several projects under way in the region.

“We know people make mistakes and we’re making changes that are designed to give people a second chance on Hawke’s Bay roads. The work we’re doing, whether its adding rumble strips or safety barriers, is all proven to help prevent people from being killed or seriously injured,” Mr Postings says.

Between Bay View and the airport, work is underway on installing a southbound passing lane so people have a safe place to pass. Depending on weather, this could be complete as early as July, but could be delayed to October if the weather deteriorates. Once this is done, safety barriers will be put in place.  

Progress continues on the Hawke’s Bay Expressway. The Transport Agency is listening to community concerns about the challenges of overtaking agricultural and horticultural vehicles in areas where wire median barriers have been installed. The Transport Agency is currently working to better understand the extent of this issue and whether further measures are required.

“Further south, we’re also making good progress on making State Highway 2 Pakipaki to Waipukurau safer, with work now underway on the section between Waipawa and Waipukurau. This includes removal of the southbound passing lane, just south of Waipawa.

“We know people feel very strongly about this passing lane, but its location and length mean it doesn’t meet safety standards. There will still be some places where slow-moving vehicles can pull over, so others can pass safely.”

Other work underway on State Highway 2 between Pakipaki to Waipukurau includes installing flexible road safety barriers along the side and centre of the road in places, widening road shoulders and putting in rumble strips along the centre lines and edge lines.

“When fitted along the side and centre of the road, flexible safety barriers can reduce the number of people killed by up to 90 per cent.

“With all this work under way, some disruption for drivers and locals is inevitable. We’ll do our best to keep this to a minimum, and really appreciate the cooperation and support we get from the community while we make our roads safer.”

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