Central Dunedin transport network key stakeholder workshop


With the new hospital, central city and tertiary precinct upgrades, and waterfront development, Dunedin has a unique opportunity to improve how people come into and move about the central city. There is also the chance to improve the amenity and attractiveness of the city.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Dunedin City Council and Otago Regional Council are working together to investigate these changes. Today a workshop was held with key organisations throughout the city to discuss ideas for the future design of central Dunedin’s main transport networks as part of the Shaping Future Dunedin Transport (SFDT) project.

The workshop was attended by nearly 40 people, representing key Dunedin stakeholders ranging from tertiary institutions and local authorities to emergency services and transport groups.

An initial transport network stakeholder workshop was held this time last year. Today’s event considered how major new developments and improved options for travelling would be best served by the road network. Discussion also covered incentives that would encourage more cycling, walking and use of public transport.

Project lead Nick Sargent says, “We thank the participants for their excellent input. While the new Dunedin Hospital build is the catalyst for the SFDT project, there is general agreement that this is also an opportunity to improve how people come into and move about the central city.

“The central city transport network has functioned largely unchanged for about 50 years and this project is considering whether significant change is a possibility, such as change to the one-way state highway system. We don’t know the answer to this yet, but the hospital development provides an opportunity to consider this.

“The city needs to prepare itself for a very different future and this workshop has helped the project team consider a wide range of perspectives as we move towards options.

“Whether you’re a cyclist, pedestrian, ride the bus or drive, how you move is all part of the vibrant, prosperous and connected community Dunedin aims to be.”

There will be more opportunities for the community to get involved and tell the project team what they want to see in early 2020.

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