Community positive about safety improvements on the Maisey Road/Westdale Roads intersection in Tasman


With the final stages of safety barrier work almost complete, the safety improvements at the intersection of State Highway 60 and Maisey/Westdale Roads in Tasman has already attracted positive community feedback.

NZ Transport Agency’s  Central Regional Performance Manager, Mark Owen says that the success of the project came from having both direct communication with the community and developing a workable solution that could be implemented quickly.

“Throughout this process the local community have really worked with us to develop a solution that will help increase safety at this intersection,” says Mr Owen. “The feedback we’ve had so far from the community says that the new layout is already making a big difference to road users which is great to hear.”

Talei Hayward, a local community representative said “We're grateful that the Transport Agency heard and addressed our safety concerns in such a timely manner. The intersection feels so much safer. Everyone is very happy with the outcome and we are a very satisfied community.”

Mr Owen also praised the contractors for the speed with which the work was done and the way they managed the job. “I think everyone – from the community, to the contractors and consultants who developed and delivered the solution, deserves a pat on the back.”



The Maisey/Westdale Roads safety improvements included:

  • Changing the road markings to allow dedicated right turn bays for traffic turning off State Highway 60, into both Maisey Road and Westdale Roads.
  • Provision for left turning vehicles off State Highway 60 into Maisey Road.
  • Changing the Westdale Road ‘Give Way’ sign to a ‘Stop’ sign.
  • Painting median islands (known as ‘splitter islands’) on Maisey and Westdale Roads to safely separate entering/exiting traffic.
  • Relocating the existing passing lane to the west of the intersection further west.

Updating the traffic signage to reflect the new road layout.