Fixing the Weld - Night-works planned for October for State Highway 1, Weld Pass


Contractors will resume essential maintenance work on State Highway 1 Weld Pass early next month.

It will see three nights of full closures on the route – meaning the highway will be closed to all traffic.

Rob Service, System Manager Top of the South, says the works are planned for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights (2–4 October) between 8pm and 6am.

“Contractors will lay asphalt across the full width of the road in the middle section of Weld Pass and will carry out a sump cover replacement, signage and edge marker post replacement, guard rail inspection and general maintenance.”

“The nature of the work, the road's narrowness, and the size of the machinery involved means the road has to be closed. It is the best way to finish the work quickly and efficiently.”

“We appreciate that drivers have strong feelings about roadworks delaying their journeys. It is why we do these closures at night when traffic volumes are lighter to reduce disruptions as much as we can,” Mr Service says.

And he says regular maintenance is crucial and reduces overall delays and disruptions for drivers.

“There’s an old saying a stitch in time saves nine. Highway maintenance is exactly the same. Regular upkeep of Weld Pass helps prevent bigger problems down the track,” Mr Service says.

Although there will be a midnight opening each night to allow queued traffic through, the closure will create delays for people travelling between Blenheim and Christchurch.

Rob Service says as there are also other minor works being carried out on State Highway 1 in Marlborough around this time, it is important drivers plan their travel accordingly.

“This is crucial for drivers with ferry connections as the inland route detour is a significantly longer journey.”

Further maintenance work is planned for Weld Pass in January/February and then again in April/May. More information about the timing and nature of these works will be provided before they begin.

Works schedule

  • Monday 2 October, Tuesday 3 October, and Wednesday 4 October - 8pm to 6am.
  • Full road closure - no suitable local road detours available. An alternative route to Christchurch is via the inland route – St Arnaud, Murchison, Lewis Pass.
  • There will be one opening at midnight each night to let queued traffic through the work area. The northbound lane will travel first, followed by the southbound lane.
  • Road users must follow the instructions of contractors and obey all temporary speed limits and traffic controls.

Additional planned Marlborough roadworks




SH1 and Duncan Street intersection, Seddon

Night works – stop/go

1 October

SH1 Weld Pass, Marlborough

Night closure

2 – 4 October

SH1 Sheffield St, Blenheim

Night works – stop/go

4 – 5 October

SH1 McDonalds to Burger King, Blenheim

Night works – stop/go

15 – 18 October