Johns Road near airport, lane changes from Wednesday 16 March


Johns Road, east of Christchurch International Airport, lane changes overnight tonight, Tuesday/ Wednesday

From Wednesday, 16 March, the NZ Transport Agency’s Johns Road crew will be moving the southbound traffic (heading towards Memorial Avenue) over onto the new road so they can build the new, permanent southbound lanes.  This work is part of the bigger Russley Road Upgrade project.

Gardiners Road major change

This will mean access changes for drivers and residents. The main change is the closing of the left hand turn at Gardiners Road. With this latest change, drivers have to access Gardiners Road from Sawyers Arms Road.

Clearwater Ave turn back in business

The right turn at Clearwater Avenue is being reinstated.

“The Transport Agency is mindful that residents, visitors and business customers still need access to this area of Johns Road so crews are doing their best to try and keep disruption to a minimum,” said Transport Agency Highway Manager Colin Knaggs.

The bigger picture

The Johns Road (Groynes to Sawyers Arms Road) Upgrade project is part of the Transport Agency’s Christchurch’s SH1 Western Corridor improvements (external link)which will reduce congestion and improve safety between north and south Christchurch along the corridor, and to the airport. 

The upgrade of Johns Road from the Groynes to Sawyers Arms Road is part of the Government's Roads of National Significance Programme(external link). The project is a section of the Western Corridor project which will see SH1 four-laned and median separated from the Groynes to the centre of Hornby and also include the Western Belfast Bypass project currently also being constructed.

More information

Johns Road between the Groynes and Sawyers Arms Road will be widened to four lanes (two lanes in each direction) separated by a raised central median and wire rope barrier.

Safety and traffic flow will be improved at minor intersections by removing right turns across the highway. 

The design includes a new roundabout at Clearwater Avenue and the development of a one-way service lane between Wilkinsons Road and Gardiners Road. This will improve safety by minimising the number of properties with direct access onto the highway.

There will also be upgraded cycle and pedestrian facilities, improved street lighting and undergrounding of power and telephone lines, improved landscaping and signage along the highway corridor and an enhanced stormwater management systems. The Sawyers Arms Road roundabout will remain unchanged.