Let’s Get Wellington Talking – and Moving


Talking is something Wellingtonians thrive on and the region’s transport leaders want people to do just that over the next few weeks about the Capital City – how they find getting around and through it and what they love most about how Wellington looks, feels and functions.

“We’re starting a fresh city and region-wide conversation about how we can keep Wellington moving, vibrant and one of the best places in the world to live,” says Jim Bentley, director of Let’s Get Wellington Moving, a joint initiative of Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council and the NZ Transport Agency.

“Our focus is on the area between Ngauranga and Wellington Airport encompassing the Wellington Urban Motorway to Wellington Hospital and International Airport and connections to the eastern and southern suburbs. 

“We’re encouraging people to talk about how they travel through this part of Wellington -  what they enjoy and what they don’t -  as well as what they value most about how Wellington City looks, feels and works.

“Over the next six weeks we’ll be meeting with and listening to a range of people and organisations around the region, carrying out workshops, phone surveys, on-street surveys. We’ll also be engaging online at getwellymoving.co.nz(external link) – people  answer a couple of quick fire questions, take part in a short survey,  look at how others experience getting around and through the city, and most importantly see what other people are saying.

“We want to get a clear understanding of the problems that people face travelling in and through this area and what they value most about the city. Whether people travel around or through this part of Wellington a couple of times a year or a couple of times a day, we want everyone to be part of the conversation. “

Jim Bentley says people’s views and feedback will be used to develop some good urban design and transport principles.   “These principles will guide the development of a range of possible scenarios that would make it easier for people to get around as well as enhance the look, feel and function of the city. We’ll be asking people for their ideas and suggestions on scenarios, which will then be assessed. The preferred scenarios will be formally consulted on early next year.

 “Let’s get talking – and get Wellington moving.”