Light Rail is an exciting opportunity for Auckland

The NZ Transport Agency is excited to be at the forefront of developing a new light rail network for Auckland and will be working to deliver the best opportunities from that for New Zealand.

The Government has confirmed the NZ Transport Agency will take the lead in setting up a process to establish possible procurement, financing for the delivery, and operation of a light rail network in Auckland. 

NZ Transport Agency Chief Executive Fergus Gammie says the NZ Transport Agency has a strong reputation for delivering transport networks to provide great transport choices and is excited to build on this strength to play a key role in establishing light rail for Auckland. 

“Our role now is to help establish a robust and open process to ensure all options for the procurement and delivery of a light rail network are investigated to make sure they secure the best outcomes,” says Mr Gammie. 

“The NZ Transport Agency will invite interested parties from New Zealand and overseas to register their interest, and provide suggestions for a procurement process and factors critical to successful delivery. 

“We will then work with Treasury and the Ministry of Transport to ensure the best process is in place to assess all potential proposals and then report back to the Ministers of Finance and Transport.” 

NZ Transport Agency Board Chair Michael Stiassny noted that the Government had received an unsolicited proposal from the NZ Super Fund. 

“It is really positive to see the interest from the NZ Super Fund to be involved in developing this important transport Infrastructure. Our role is to ensure the best option for Auckland and New Zealand is selected. We look forward to working with NZ Super, as well as other interested parties, in this context,” Mr Stiassny says.