New identity requirements for driver licence applications from next week


The NZ Transport Agency is urging people applying for new driver licences to ensure that they are aware of changes to ‘evidence of identity’ requirements for licence applications which come into force from next week.

The new requirements are being brought in at the same time as the introduction of new five-year time limits for new learner and restricted car and motorcycling licences, as part of changes to the Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Rule.

From Monday (December 1), those applying for a new driver licence will be required to present an identity document that includes a photograph, or a recent photograph verified by an identity referee (a similar process to first-time passport applications).

Under the current requirements, it is possible to provide two documents without photographs to establish your identity when applying for a new driver licence. However, these requirements are now out-dated and don’t align with the guidance in the Department of Internal Affairs’ Evidence of Identity Standard.

While the primary purpose of the photo driver licence is to establish the identity of the driver at the roadside, driver licences are also widely accepted and used for purposes other than driving, and the new requirements are aimed at reducing the risk of driver licences being obtained fraudulently.

Further details on all of the changes can be found at link)


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