New road-marking symbol for electric vehicle charging stations


Drivers will soon notice changes to parking spaces as sites are marked with electric vehicle (EV) charging station road marking symbols.

New road-marking symbol for electric vehicle charging stations

The newly gazetted NZ Transport Agency approved symbol will help identify parking spaces reserved for EVs charging their batteries. 

The new charging station road markings will complement existing EV parking signage launched by Transport Minister Simon Bridges in June 2016. The symbol can now legally be rolled out by road controlling authorities and private operators across the country. 

Transport Agency Group Manager for Planning and Investment, Robert Brodnax says having a standard road marking will help ensure parking spaces reserved for charging are only used by electric vehicles while they are charging. 

“The NZ Transport Agency is working to support the Government’s aim of significantly increasing the uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Helping to ensure that charging stations are easy to find is a key way of encouraging people to make the move from conventional petrol and diesel vehicles to electric.” 

While not mandatory for private operators, the Transport Agency recommends that approved signage and symbols are used for all public and private parking spaces reserved for electric vehicles charging their batteries. This will ensure consistency, promote better recognition of electric charging stations and help raise awareness of electric vehicles. 

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