NZ Transport Agency holiday media contacts


The holidays are here, but we know that many of our hardworking friends in the newsgathering business will be at work while the rest of us are at the beach, so the NZ Transport Agency’s media team will be on call to help during the 2016/17 Christmas/New Year break.

During the holidays your primary Transport Agency media contacts will be:

December 24-25 
Felicity Connell – 021 507 990 –

December 26-30
Sarah Azam – 021 103 9227 –

December 31-January 3
Andy Knackstedt – 021 276 3222 – link)

January 4-8
Natalie Mankelow – 021 928 413 –

The Ministry of Transport will be tweeting daily updates on the holiday road toll data throughout the break. Further background and historical crash data for the holiday period can be found here.(external link)

As always, the best source for real-time traffic information during the holidays is link)

The Transport Agency has also crunched some data from previous holiday periods to compile a list of likely holiday congestion hotspots(external link) to help drivers  plan ahead to avoid the queues.

If the boss does give you a few days off during the break, or if you’re hitting the road while on the job, please also keep yourself safe and follow our ‘top tips’ below for a safe holiday journey. 

Wishing you a safe and joyous holiday on behalf of the NZ Transport Agency. 

Getting there in one piece – top tips for safe holiday driving

Plan ahead.  Get your vehicle checked before you head out, plan to avoid peak traffic where you can and give yourself enough time to take plenty of rest or sightseeing breaks along the way.  It’s your holiday after all, so why not make the journey an enjoyable part of it? 

Drive to the conditions.  This isn’t just about weather conditions—it’s about the road you’re on, the traffic, your vehicle and load, your speed, your following distance, and adjusting your driving for wet and windy conditions. 

Watch out for fatigue.  Long trips are tiring and fatigue can be deadly behind the wheel. Get a good night’s sleep beforehand, plan in advance where you’ll take breaks along the way, and be aware of any medication you’re taking that might affect your driving. 

Keep your cool.  Holiday driving can be frustrating with busy roads, stifling heat and restless kids in the car. So please, be courteous and patient while on the roads.  Don’t get provoked by other drivers’ aggressive behaviour, and wait to overtake until you get to a passing lane or can see enough clear road ahead of you to do it safely.  And be sure to take enough games, books, DVDs or electronics to keep the kids occupied along the way.

Buckle up.  Don’t let your family holiday be marred by tragedy simply because someone didn’t buckle up. If you’re the driver, you are legally responsible for making sure all passengers under the age of 15 are securely restrained with either a safety belt or child restraint.  Children must be properly restrained by an approved child restraint until their 7th birthday. 

Don’t drink and drive.  The alcohol limit for adult drivers is now lower, and your judgement and reaction times begin to deteriorate after even one drink. Keep it simple – if you’re going to drink, don’t drive.