NZTA welcomes Auckland Transport fare review announcement


The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is welcoming the outcome of Auckland Transport's review of public transport fares for the city, announced earlier today (Monday 16 April).

NZTA Regional Director for Auckland and Northland said the fare adjustments, the move towards equalising bus and rail fares in the city and the changes to inner city harbour ferry fares to improve alignment between routes would help to deliver more cost-effective and sustainable public transport for Aucklanders.

“It's important that public transport fares are reviewed and adjusted at regular intervals to allow for cost of living movements and increases in real terms.”

Mr Town said the NZTA expected to invest $444.9 million in public transport in Auckland during the current three yearly National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) period 2009-2012, including $339.6 invested in public transport services and $106.3 million for public transport infrastructure. This includes increased services for the Northern busway, rail services as well as the integrated ticketing system.

“Collectively these investments and the new fare structure announced by Auckland Transport today will help contribute to the development of an integrated transport system where transfer between modes is seamless.”