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Passing lane closures again this Waitangi Weekend with small


NZTA will be closing its SH1 passing lanes along SH1 again this Waitangi Weekend, but with a minor change.

NZTA will be closing its SH1 passing lanes along SH1 again this Waitangi Weekend, but with a minor change.

With traffic expected to be heavy on this long weekend, NZTA will be closing the northbound passing lanes at Lindale, Waikanae and Te Horo from midday today (Thursday 5 February) and will alter the lane that is closed.  Rather than closing the left hand (slow) lane, highways staff will close the right hand (fast) lane, to keep motorists to the left..

Wellington Regional Director Dr Deborah Hume says this is a subtle change, done for safety purposes.

“The lanes will be appropriately signposted and coned off, but we’re reminding people to obey the normal road rules by keeping left.”

The Lindale Waikanae and Te Horo passing lanes will be reopened on Saturday afternoon at a time appropriate to the traffic flows.  Meanwhile, on Sunday, 8 February NZTA will close the southbound passing lane north of Otaki.  It will be reopened at about 9.00pm depending on traffic flows.  If traffic remains heavy, passing lanes will be closed earlier or remain closed longer until NZTA is satisfied it is practical to reopen them.

Dr Hume says that public often express concern that closing the passing lanes causes congestion, however, NZTA experience demonstrates benefits for both improved traffic flow and safety.

“Closing the passing lanes produces a steadier flow of single lane traffic and reduces the amount of vehicles trying to get one car length ahead during a busy length of the road.  By keeping people in one steady stream we also reduce the potential for accidents at the merge area at the end of the passing lanes.”

Dr Hume says these closures are routine and are supported by the Police.

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