Passing lanes on SH2 to be closed for safety reasons during busy holiday periods


The NZ Transport Agency advises motorists that passing lanes at Maramarua on SH2 will be closed for safety reasons during busy Christmas and New Year holiday travel periods.

SH2 is the main highway connection between Auckland and the Coromandel and Tauranga.

“The closures will make the road safer for all road users in heavy traffic by maintaining a steady flow and preventing the risk of crashes as traffic merges at the end of the passing lane,” says the Transport Agency’s Acting System Manager Ross l‘Anson.

For eastbound traffic the passing lane on SH2 near Mangatawhiri Road will be closed:

  • Friday 21 December Midday - 10pm
  • Saturday 22 December 9am - 5pm
  • Wednesday 26 December 9am - 5pm.

For westbound traffic, the passing lane near the Maramarua Golf Club and the Golf Road off ramp and Koheroa Road on ramp will be closed:

  • Saturday 5 January 10 am – 11pm
  • Sunday 6 January 10am – 11pm

“Slightly longer queues can be expected when the passing lanes are closed but there will be minimal impact to overall travel times. We ask drivers to be patient and allow extra time for their journey so that everybody gets home or to their destination safely,” says Mr l’Anson.  

Reopening of the passing lanes and ramps will depend on the traffic flow. If traffic remains heavy, the closures will remain in place for longer.

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