See the person - share the road


The NZ Transport Agency has launched a new ‘moment of truth’ outdoor and radio advertising campaign to promote awareness of cyclists and to encourage safe sharing of the road.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging motorists to share the road with cyclists safely. To achieve this, the campaign is designed to personalise and humanise people cycling so that motorists see them as real people who have a right to share the road safely.

“With their backs to the driver and helmets on, cyclists can often look like silhouettes and drivers don’t usually see their faces. We want to remind drivers when they’re on the road that cyclists are everyday people just like them – they are mums and dads, sisters and brothers. They could be their friends, relatives, neighbours or colleagues. We all have a right to travel safely on the road, and that’s what this campaign is about,” said Transport Agency spokesperson Andy Knackstedt.

While the campaign targets motorists, the Transport Agency also talks directly to people who cycle about sharing the road and being safe through other channels including the Bike Wise programme, the Official NZ Code for Cyclists and Cycle Skills Training programmes.

Share the road will initially run in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch with a view to expanding it to other regions next year. The material created is also available to any organisation on request, and supports several local and regional campaigns already underway in places like Dunedin.

The timing of the campaign coincides with an expected increase in summer cycling activity and a return of commuter car traffic as people return to work after the holidays. It also leads into Bike Wise month which takes place in February.

While the Share the Road campaign targets driver behaviour, the Transport Agency says it is also crucial that people cycling play their part in creating a safe road system, stick to the road rules, wear helmets, keep their bikes will maintained and comply with traffic signals.

For further information on the new campaign, click here(external link).