State Highway 59 remains closed due to slips


State Highway 59 between Paekākāriki and Pukerua Bay remains closed today, with large slips still to be cleared by roading crews.

The highway was closed yesterday and overnight after slips yesterday. This morning, further slips have come down along this section of road.

Contractors are working hard to restore the road. However, continuing rain means the chance of further slips remains.

This section of State Highway 59 will remain closed today, and a further update on its status will be provided tomorrow morning, or as soon as the road opens.

Pukerua Bay residents can access from the south. Paekākāriki resident access is to the north. All other road users should avoid the area and use State Highway 1, Transmission Gully, as an alternative route.

Bad weather continues to affect Wellington, with numerous slips, rockfalls, and fallen trees on roads across the region. Road users should check roads are open before they travel, drive to the conditions, watch their following distances, and be prepared for delays.