Two significant slips keep access routes into Westport limited today


Substantial slips at Meybille Bay, north of Punakaiki, on SH6, and inland at Lyell in the Upper Buller Gorge, also SH6, will keep those routes closed today, says Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.

The detour route into Westport today remains via the Shenandoah, SH65, the Lewis Pass/Springs Junction, SH7, and Reefton, SH69 back to SH6 for people travelling south from Nelson. 

Please note: There is a short section of SH65 with a reduced speed limit under traffic signals due to storm damage between Maruia and Shenandoah.

See details of the delays(external link)


The Upper Buller Gorge route through Lyell will remain closed until at least Saturday morning when it will be reassessed around 10 am.

“The Lyell slip continued to be active overnight, with further large volumes of material on the road this morning,” says Moira Whinham, Maintenance Contract Manager for Waka Kotahi on the West Coast.  “The team on site is making good progress clearing this and the next update will be at 10 am, Saturday, 18 June.”

The highway has been closed since Sunday when torrential rain set off the slip.

Check for possible changes in the road’s status over this weekend(external link)

A large slip of rocks, mud and trees.

Slip at Lyell, the Upper Buller Gorge, SH6 today.

Meybille Bay, SH6

Further to the south at Meybille Bay between Westport and Greymouth, geotechnical inspection and risk assessment is on-going.  “We hope to have a clear understanding of our next steps this afternoon and will issue an update by 5pm,” says Miss Whinham.

The slip occurred early Thursday afternoon.

Check updates on the highway’s status – next one due 5pm Friday night(external link)

People can still drive north to Punakaiki from Greymouth safely.

A large slip of rocks, mud and trees fallen over a road.

Slip at Meybille Bay, SH6, north of Punakaiki yesterday afternoon.