Using the benefits framework in planning and business cases

This page introduces the section of guidance about using the Land Transport Benefits Framework in transport planning documents and business cases, particularly those that are for National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) funding.

More about the benefits framework

Step-by-step guidance on how to select benefits and measures for planning documents and business cases

Why use the benefits framework and benefits management

By integrating benefits thinking into planning and business cases, we can apply a consistent approach to benefits across the entire breadth of the NLTP. That is, from thinking about regional transport problems and solutions, to council activity management plans (AMPs), through to improvement business cases, all references to transport benefits can now draw from the same consistent set of benefits and measures set out in the benefits framework. Ongoing monitoring and reporting against benefits realisation will also reference the benefits framework and will be supported by centralised data where possible. 

National Land Transport Programme

Who needs to use the benefits framework?

All approved organisations (AOs) and Waka Kotahi must use benefits and measures from the benefits framework when applying for funding through the NLTP. This includes all the documents and processes relating to funding and investment, including planning documents such as regional land transport programmes (RLTPs) and activity management plans (AMPs), and all stages of business case development.

How to select benefits and measures

How do benefits relate to the Business Case Approach?

The Business Case Approach (BCA) is the method Waka Kotahi and its investment partners use to develop business cases for transport investments. A key principle of the BCA is ‘Investing for benefits’, and this should drive thinking through all phases of the BCA.

Diagram showing business case pathway

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Through the BCA you will identify, assess and evaluate benefits and measures. Having a consistent framework will make it easier for you to identify benefits and measures, and the centralised measures data will help in your planning and evidence base.

Business Case Approach guidance

When to start using the benefits framework?

The benefits framework must be used for all new business cases that began from August 2020, and the whole benefits management approach will be used from the 2021–24 NLTP. We also encourage you to start using benefits from the framework in planning that is already underway. For example, 2021–31 RLTPs are already underway, but we encourage a transitionary approach, where benefit framework measures are run alongside historical measures.

Benefits and the National Land Transport Programme

The delivery of benefits is core to the purpose of the NLTP, specifically those benefits set out in the priorities of the Government Policy Statement on Land Transport (GPS). The GPS sets out the government’s vision for land transport, and NLTP funding must align with GPS priorities.

How we use benefits and their alignment to the GPS in our investment decision-making

Government Policy Statement on Land Transport (Ministry of Transport website)(external link)

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