We’ve developed the Business Case Approach (BCA) Q&A tool to help you select the right development path through the BCA for your investment proposal. It’s based on the BCA principles and, by asking you some simple questions, it can help guide your thinking around what to do next as you develop your business case.

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The BCA Q&A tool uses a completed strategic case or programme business case as a possible starting point, and suggests a suitable next phase for continuing the development of your business case. The tool does not use an indicative business case, detailed business case or single-stage business case as a starting point, because at the end of these phases you should have a good idea of how to proceed.

The tool offers suggestions only. To make the most of the BCA Q&A tool you should:

Watch the video for an overview of the Q&A tool, or scroll down to begin using it.

 Need support?

  • You can talk to your NZ Transport Agency investment advisor about your path through the phases of the BCA or if you’re unsure about what’s needed to answer any of the questions in the Q&A tool. 
  • You can use our contact and support form to request support and guidance about the BCA from the Transport Agency.

BCA Q&A tool

Answer each question below to receive a prompt on the next phase of business case development.