Transport plays a crucial role in supporting the wellbeing of our communities. When the transport system is well planned and well managed, it delivers social, economic and environmental benefits.

The Government’s strategic priorities for the land transport system are set out in the Government Policy Statement on land transport (GPS) 2021. It focuses on creating a safe, well-connected and low-emission land transport system to move people, get goods to market and provide choice in how this happens.

GPS 2021 guides our decision-making on where investment from the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF) will be spent during the next 10 years. It sets out the government’s priorities for the land transport system, how much revenue is forecast to be raised for the NLTF, how much borrowing we can access and how this funding will be allocated across different types of land transport activities.

The NLTP is a three-year programme of prioritised activities with a 10-year forecast of revenue and expenditure. It is prepared by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to give effect to the GPS and is a partnership between Waka Kotahi, which invests NLTF funding on behalf of the Crown, and local government, which invests local funding on behalf of ratepayers. It includes activities in the Rail Network Investment Programme (RNIP) which is approved by the Minister of Transport and funded from the NLTF through the rail network and public transport infrastructure activity classes.

In preparing the 2021–24 NLTP, we worked closely with local, regional and unitary authorities, Auckland Transport, KiwiRail, the Department of Conservation and Waitangi Trust Board to develop a programme of national and regional activities that responds to the GPS 2021 and provides a transport system that meets the needs of today and in the future.

The NLTP includes local land transport projects and activities put forward by Regional Transport Committees (RTCs) in their Regional Land Transport Plans (RLTPs), including activities from the Waka Kotahi Investment Proposal for state highway maintenance and improvements and the proposed programme of national activities. These include national road safety education and advertising campaigns, road policing, research programmes that explore new and smarter ways to deliver customer benefits and national technology solutions, such as the National Ticketing Solution.

This investment also includes joint programmes with our local and central government partners, such as the Network Optimisation Programme to develop national tools and standards to efficiently move people and goods; and the Road Efficiency Group (REG) which builds capability and provides leadership to help shape a more accessible, safe and sustainable transport system.

All proposed activities have been initially assessed for inclusion in the NLTP and prioritised for funding through the Investment Prioritisation Method (IPM) and then through a moderation exercise to ensure that all activities are prioritised to give effect to the GPS 2021. We must plan to meet the level of expenditure for each activity class as set out in the GPS – this means meeting the minimum spend across all activity classes.

The NLTP sets out forecast activities and expenditure for 2021–24. Some activities are committed for funding, other activities continue to be proposed, awaiting further planning, information and/or funding to confirm their priority and to be approved.

While all care has been taken to ensure all the figures and information provided are correct, there may be some errors or omissions in the detail.