Auckland Network Optimisation programme

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Project introduction

Auckland Network Optimisation is a joint programme between Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport to improve healthier travel choices and make it safer and easier for people to get around the region using our existing network.

  • Project type

    Public transport, Road improvements, Safety improvements, Walking and cycling
  • Project status

    Construction, Design

About the Auckland Network Optimisation Programme

With Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland growing fast, an additional 700,000 to 1 million people are expected to call the city home over the next 30 years, requiring over 270,000 jobs. An effective response is necessary to manage and offset traffic congestion on the road network today, and in the years that follow.

Auckland Network Optimisation aims to help increase the effectiveness of Auckland’s network, while supporting the reduction of transport-related carbon emissions, improving travel choice and road safety.

A major part of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland’s future growth in travel demand will need to be accommodated by existing transport corridors. To achieve this, the city needs to make better use of existing transport system to help shape a more vibrant and healthier future transport network where everyone can get where they need safely with minimal impact on our environment.

Network optimisation looks at making relatively inexpensive and quick changes to our roads and paths to improve safety and efficiency and encourage more active and sustainable ways of getting around.

The 10-year programme consists of around 215 individual projects and activities which together as a package will improve our network’s productivity, sustainability, agility and reliability. It is made up of both physical and technological projects which will provide more travel choices with a focus on higher occupancy modes, and more effective freight movement.

Small changes such as converting existing lanes to new bus or transit lanes keeps people and goods moving and supports reliable public transport which contributes to a more connected and healthier city. Closing the gaps between current cycle and walkways will better connect people and places to thriving communities whilst providing more travel choices. We are connecting a growing network of cycling and walking routes to contribute to safer and more sustainable transport options for everyone.

Some projects you won't see but will notice when using the transport network, such as trialling new technology for improvements to intersection operations, the introduction of additional bus priority at traffic signals and new systems for the network operators to optimise the network in real-time.

Programme background

In 2020, Auckland Transport and Waka Kotahi boards signed off the Auckland Network Optimisation Programme Business Case and approved funding for a Single Stage Business Case (SSBC).

In early 2022, both boards approved the SSBC and funding for the first three years  of the programme. The SSBC recommended 215 projects to be delivered by 2031. This package includes both physical infrastructure and technology, innovation and behaviour change projects and activities. 

Over the next three years we will be investing $75 million on optimising the network, and a total of over $300 million is planned to be invested over 10-years. 

Waka Kotahi and Auckland Transport have a crucial role in supporting Aotearoa New Zealand towards a low-emission and climate resilient future. The actions and decisions taken for the land transport system today, will help shape the future.   

Key projects

Auckland Transport and Waka Kotahi are designing and implementing the first tranche of optimisation projects. Projects are staged in line with funding and wider projects.

Key projects for delivery over the next three years include:

Project Lead agency What is it?

The Strand improvements

Waka Kotahi

Special vehicle lanes, walking and cycling improvements.

Silverdale bus priority

Waka Kotahi

SH1 Northern Busway bus shoulder lane.

Royal Road improvements

Waka Kotahi

Walking, cycling and safety improvements

Northwest cycleway improvements

Waka Kotahi

Walking and cycling improvements and safety improvements at:

  • Sutherland Road
  • Takau Street

Wellesley Street active mode improvements

Waka Kotahi

Walking and cycling connections.

Ormiston Road/East Tāmaki Road intersection package(external link)

Auckland Transport

Intersection improvements, cycling connections.

Weymouth Road /Roscommon Road Roundabout improvements(external link)

Auckland Transport

Improving the efficiency of the roundabout, walking and cycling connections and safety improvements.

Maioro Street corridor

Auckland Transport

Bus and high occupancy vehicle improvements, walking and cycling facilities.

Real time monitoring - technology innovation and behaviour change project

Joint Auckland Transport and Waka Kotahi

Multi-modal platform to integrate real time information into operational and behaviour change applications with network performance monitoring in real-time. 

Bombay Interchange/Mill Road

Waka Kotahi

Safety and efficiency improvements through signalisation of intersection.

Bus priority through traffic signal pre-emption roll out

Auckland Transport

Improving bus service reliability and speed through key signalised intersections using technology.

Minor improvement projects to improve network efficiency and active mode connections

Auckland Transport