Improvements underway on SH1

We are constructing the fifth turnaround bay on SH1, just north of Hickey Road, as part of the SH1 Cambridge to Piarere safety improvements.

This important safety work began Monday 4 March 2024 and is expected to be completed by early June 2024, subject to weather.

Along with constructing the turnaround bay, the work involves road widening at the weigh station on SH1, between Hickey and Hydro roads, and installing median and side safety barriers.

The impact on SH1 traffic is expected to be minor, although there will be speed restrictions in place so some delay to journeys is anticipated. Residents located within the work site, between the end of the expressway and Hydro Road, will only be able to enter/exit their properties via left-in/left-out turning movements, as the SH1 southbound lane will be diverted into the centre median for duration of construction. 

Once the median barrier is installed, the left-in/left-out arrangement will remain, and motorists will need to make use of the turnaround bays to change direction.


Work continues on a section of SH1 between Keeley’s Reserve and Moana Roa Road in preparation for median barrier being installed.

The main construction work involves 1.5km of shoulder widening, temporary barrier installation, earthworks and pavement construction, followed by surfacing, lighting and permanent barrier installation.

During the majority of construction, the slow lane of the southbound passing lane between Keeley’s Reserve and Moana Roa Road will be closed and the work site will be under a temporary speed limit of 50km/h. Access in and out of Kentucky Road will remain open.

Construction is expected to be finished late June 2024.

Further north....

The construction of turnaround bays at Tunakawa Road and Gorton Road got underway in late January.

The Gorton Road turnaround is now in place and the right turn onto Gorton Road has been reinstated. The focus has shifted to the Tunakawa Road turnaround.

During construction there is no right turn onto SH1 from Tunakawa Road. Motorists need to make use of the Keeley’s Reserve turnaround to change direction, which adds around 4-6 minutes to your journey.

The impact on SH1 traffic isn’t significant, although there are speed restrictions in place so some delay to journeys is likely.

Once the turnaround construction is complete, the installation of median barrier from Tunakawa Road to Fergusson Gully Road can commence. This is expected to occur towards the end of March, with all work completed by mid-April 2024.

How to use a turnaround bay

Watch the video on how to use a turnaround bay(external link)